Welcome to Work Structuring Ltd

Originally registered in 1979 as Schumacher Projects, Work Structuring Limited was established in 1986. This company was amongst the very first international consultancies to advocate a holistic approach to organisational redesign. Our radical, simple and straightforward methods continue to prove remarkably effective in these times of rapid change.

If you are frustrated with theoretical information and want simple detailed guidance on how to do it, Work Structuring can help. Our methods show you, through a step by step approach based on seven sound principles, how to design the right structures for your organisation, whatever its size or complexity. More....

Operating across all sectors, we have an exceptional track record in:

  • Raising efficiency
  • Reducing costs
  • Removing bureaucracy
  • Matching empowerment with accountability
  • Improving morale and team work
  • Enhancing customer service

To find out more about us and how we work, please browse the pages of this website. Alternatively, call us now on 01883 744 577. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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